Thursday, January 24, 2008

More nail stuff

Bought some new makeup items, inlcuding ZA cutie curl, but haven't uploaded the pics.

Did somemore nailart~ :D

Have you seen anyone do her own manicure at a pool centre before?! =X

OPI opening night champagne on all my nails, and colorclub silver glitter to sketch the heart shapes on my thumbs only.

Did this at Susan's place for my indoor bridal photoshoot.

Did this 2 days before my ROM but didn't really like it and the heart started dropping out on Saturday...

So I redo for my ROM... everything DIY~

And on my toes...

On fingers - OPI will you mari-achi me
On toes - OPI opening night champagne

My DIY chubby toes...

Did this at Susan's place again.

And bought a new housing for my bottles of nail polishes! :D

Friday, October 26, 2007

Sprees and Nails

Bought from Benefit spree~

I haven't been using it but from the packaging and the neat little stuff inside, I'm already loving it! :D

Bought from Maple Syrup spree~

I've ordered some more pretty little accessories from Maple Syrup! :D

Bought more stuff to do my own nail art!

Done myself on 29 September 2007~

Done in Bangkok on 20th October 2007~

Also bought 3 brand new nail colours from OPI via a "head2toebeauty" spree!!! Will post pics later~ (^_^)v

Friday, January 19, 2007

My Lip Stuff again!

Adding to my MLS collection~

Sadly, Twisted Fayte - Singapore has closed down. =( No more le.

Actually I've bought a book late last year... forgotten to share it. Will post pic and talk about it another day then. :) Coming up next: my latest FOTD. Stay tuned oh!!~

Is makeup important to me?

And the blog featured in my previous thread... really speaks for itself: "Makeup is darn important!!! It's what makes a normal woman a gorgeous babe. And there's no ugly women in this world, only lazy ones~" Like me.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

A bloggie that I'd like to share

Here's something I thought must share in this blog!!!

This is amazing! You may not be able to understand Thai (neither can I) but just look at the pics can already leave you in awe! See how skillful makeup and the right pair of contact lens can transform a gal from Plain Jane to HellooOOoo Gorgeous~ :D

I wish I have terrific makeup skills like her too!!! I must jiayou jiayou!!! Ugly duckling also can turn into babelicious swan! Hahaha~ :P

More FOTDs coming up from my co D&D etc~ stay tuned oh!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

New home for my makeup stuff

Perspiring like mad now... spent the morning trying to clear a cabinet (and yes my room's still very messy, all the stuff all over the floor now *opps*) to make a new home for my newly-acquired cosmetics collection!!! :D

The green 2-tiered drawers don't look pretty at all, but I didn't buy it. It was a freebie in one of those goodie bags in my uni years, so I just make full use of it instead of leaving it wasted. The clear pretty case from Daiso now contains my face stuff such as powder or liquid foundations, 2 Sunkiller sunblocks and 4 blushers, as well as some old or seldom-used makeup items.

I found a new way to store my piggies for easy usage! See~ Now I can see all of them at a glance, no need to dig and dig to find a matching colour. Keke~

Recently bought a few of these plastic A4-sized files to store my notes and documents, so I tried to fit my piggies into one of the new files and they fit in perfectly! Woohoo~ can save up on buying more multi-tiered drawers liao. Yay!!! but cannot get anymore piggies cos can't fit even 1 more in there! Hahaha~ of course unless I take out the Redfox brushes pouch to make space for more piggies, which is totally do-able cos I still have lotsa space in the shelf for it to be stored elsewhere wor... :P

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Majolica Majorca in Taiwan

I realised I've always been posting my MM stuff with the Japanese link... now I've found out that there's a link in Chinese so I'm sharing it here!!! =D

Taiwan and Hong Kong both carry MM stuff, but not Singapore or neighbouring countries... sob~ Read from forum that it's most expensive to get MM from Hong Kong while moderate from Taiwan. I still prefer getting from Japan though! =P But mainly cos I haven't been to Taiwan or Hong Kong before... keke~

Ohhh... and I forgot to mention in my previous post that when I bought lots of lippies in my teens, they were mostly of same or similar shades!!! I was incorrigible cos I always like to try on the back of my hand, and if I liked the colour I'd buy, but didn't realise that it's always the same-old same-old colour that I like!!! Muahahaha~ End up I had a lot of lippies of very similar shades but from different brands. LOL~

Now better, at least all my lipglosses are of different shades. I'm still incorrigible though, I've got like 5 lipbalms now!! But hey! They are all of different scents, so they are still different. In fact very different OK?! Hahaha~

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

From nil to now 一路走来

[aka. revenge of the super long-winded deedee]

There was a time when I don't use makeup at all. I started to use lipsticks when I was 14, but that was the only single type of makeup item I bought at that age all the way till 18. Although I only bought lipsticks, I have a whole box of makeup! Yes, all lipsticks. I was already a bit of makeup-crazy then already, but I only knew how to use lipsticks, so I only bought lipsticks... perhaps around 20 of them.

I started to learn using foundation, blusher and eyeshadows when I was 18. It was in preparation for my JC's graduation night. I didn't intend to spend my meagre allowance on a professional makeover, so I decided to DIY. I still remembered I bought my very first powder foundation and blusher from de la something (I don't remember the brand name already, it's no longer available and when I did a search on Google I couldn't find it too!) at John Little departmental store in Specialist Shopping Centre. Also had a few eyeshadows from Robinson's at Centrepoint during some sales. Bought those drugstore brand, I don't remember if it's L'oreal or Revlon. Mascara was from L'oreal, and lippies from every drugstore brand possible - Cover Girl, Physician's Formula, Evans, ZA, etc. =P

I really liked my foundation and blusher a lot, and at that point of time I wasn't like now. Back then I was contented with one foundation, one blusher, one of everything (except lippies and eyeshadows of course!) and I used both my "de la something" foundation and blusher until I hit the bottom of the pan, and dunno how many years later. =X Of course they were discarded by now, so I couldn't show you pics. I threw away my lippies too, sadly before I got addicted to taking pics of anything and everything.

I've never used makeup before 18, so I didn't know how to apply the eyeshadow then, like which colour to go where, how to blend, etc. I consulted some friends and they tried my few cheap eyeshadow palattes on me... The first time blue was used on me, I thought I looked super horrendous and vampish!! And so I started to hate using blue on my eyes. On the other hand, brownish tones made me look old if applied correctly. If applied wrongly, it'd make my eyes look punched and swollen.

Fortunately for me, a close girlfriend loved to try her luck and call to make appointment for 2 when magazines had those "first 200 to call get free makeover at XXX counter!" etc promotions, and always brought me along with her. She did so to prepare for her Prom too! And she ended up going for a professional makeup and hairdo makeover and looked super good~ From those free makeup-counter-makeover experiences, I've found my fave colour to go on my eyelids - green. It suits my skin pretty well.

So I used green on my graduation night in 1998, but I was light-handed cos I didn't want to look too eerie and scare people, and the makeup was almost nude besides my lips and peachy looking cheeks. Awwww~ I still love my first blusher... and missing it now.

After JC I started to work temp, but I used minimal makeup... just my foundation, blusher and lippy. That's how my foundation and blusher hit bottom of the pan. And I hated to use any kinda eye makeup because I always made a mess outta it and look super ugly. I'd rather skip having eye makeup... seriously I think I'll look better without.

As time went by, I ditched my old lippies or expired makeup items, and gradually the makeup items I owned was just the bare necessities that could fit into a couple of big makeup pouches. I did buy some makeup items on and off, especially from Maybelline and Red Earth, but I almost never use makeup in my schooling days and too lazy to use over weekends. Thus I wasted lots of $$ on those makeup items which were thrown away after a couple of years with the contents almost untouched, although the container maybe dusty or contents mouldy already.

From 1999 to 2005, I guess the only times I used makeup was for D&Ds or clubbing, which sum up to less than 20 times a year! And yet the amount spent on makeup... oh~ I couldn't remember, but I knew the amount's all wasted, although I'm pretty sure I didn't spent as much as in these 2 months...

Recently I started to pick up the makeup-crazy spirit in me again and WooOOooW~ Just look at my collection!!! Crazy me overspent in last 2 months, just on makeup items alone... (>.<) The good thing is I love the makeup stuff I bought because they are really nice to use or worth keeping. The bad thing is I still don't really like to use makeup. Either too lazy, too troublesome, or too lazy. *opps* =X

I do like trying the new makeup on my face now, but I really hate it when it's time to remove the layer of makeup on my face. I don't like to use makeup remover and I don't like to spend time trying and trying to clean away the colours and mascara etc and making sure that my face is really cleaned. Especially when it's getting late and I'm uber tired. It's this cleaning up part that totally puts me off from starting to use the makeup to begin with. Or perhaps, I'm just too lazy! (>.<)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Arrival of TF piggies and MLS lippies

My 4th TF order came yesterday... the 2 tubs that are separately packed are Jean's... she ordered only 2 TF piggies, so she ride onto my delivery. Keke~

I bought 8 piggies and 2 souffles. Wow! Kawaii names for the pretty colours~

Varying quantity in the tubs... [Mmm bop your head] is sample souffle so it looks little, but it's free so no complain. =) and still, pretty colours! =D

I was working today (and whining a hell lot about work) and when I finally got home after 4pm, I saw another package and I was so excited because it's the first time I joined a spree and I couldn't wait to smell the lovely lipbalms!

My really very humble collection of the sweet smelling MLS scented lipbalms~ Gawd, they smell soooo yummy I wanna bite them!

Read my previous entry for pretty FOTDs of a very sweet and skillful makeup user!! =)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Featuring Jaime aka chweekwey

Jaime, aka chweekwey in LD, is a really sweet girl with awesome makeup skills! I'd really love to blend eyeshadows like her and draw eyeliner like her... she's really super uber pro!!! And I owe Jaime a whole lot!!~

First I said I'll write to her and be her penpal when I found her in a thread about getting penpals, some months back. She gave me her address and I even went out to buy pretty letter papers especially for writing to her, yet I never really get down to writing! Oh my, I'm incorrigible!! *sprinkles yummy chai por onto sweetie girl chweekwey* Paiseh wor~~~ I shall start one of these days... I hope I won't make you wait too long!!

Then I asked if I could feature her blog in mine... some many weeks ago. And I've never get down to doing it too!!! There were just too much about my loot & etc that I wanna blog about... I'm keeping to an entry a day as much as I can, and I want an entry exclusively for Jaime! In her blog you can find many many FOTDs (face of the day) and also her makeup collection. There are other normal ranting entries as well, but little, unlike me always rant and rant. Wahaha~ Her blog's mostly filled with her pretty pretty FOTDs! Scroll down and almost all you see are pics of pretty Jaime in superb makeup~

I dunno if she hates papayas as much as I love them... wahahaha~ here's her blog:

I wish I can be as skillful as Jaime when it comes to cosmetics!! I really have a lot a lot to learn from this sweet sweet lady. Jaime, you go girl~ :D

Thursday, July 06, 2006

My makeup collection

My 12th FOTD is a total flop, so read on only if you don't mind looking at an ugly tanned face that has too much bronzer and not much anything else. =/

Alright, here's a recap on my makeup collection... click for my humble collection on 17th May 2006~

Barely 2 months later...

My collection is not so humble now... although still very little compared to many babes from LD.

My MM collection:

My TF collection:

Stuff for eyes (exclude MM & TF stuff):

Stuff for lips (exclude MM & TF stuff):

Stuff for face (exclude MM & TF stuff):

And more are coming! Another order from TF and 3 more MLS lipbalms have yet to arrive. And I foresee that I'll shop for more when I go abroad to visit my cousin end of this month. Haha~ Jialat!! Had to put a ban on makeup shopping soon... how soon? Hee, I really have no idea wor... =X

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More TF swatches + MM nail colours

I posted a swatch for the TF Glitter Sisters collection in my previous post... and here's the rest~ Also taken last night but didn't had time to edit and post then. I think the photos didn't do justice to the pretty colours, but I tried my best already. It was at night so I didn't get to take pics of the colours in natural light... Yups, enjoy~ =D

My only TF lip gloss, and I'm loving it! Feels cooling minty on the lips. =D

Adding to my nail polish collection - my MM nail colours:

Didn't try the black one yet... will try another time. =)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Arrival of my third TF order

It's so fast!!! I'll just let the pictures do the talking here~ =D

Too much stuff! And I still have my fourth order coming~~~ Gosh!~ I definitely need more boxes for my makeup now!!!

Monday, July 03, 2006

MM loot + TF order

This morning my colleague sent me a pic she took when she was in Japan, of the MM stuff she bought for me... and made me so excited wor!!~

OMG i'm sooooo excited right now!!! *hops around hops around* i've been waiting for one whole month!!! OMG i can't wait any longer!!!! now really can't wait for knockoff time to come!! then i'll drop by my colleague's place to get my loot and run home to take pics and post!!!! my colleague just staying one bus stop away~ wahahahahaha~ can't wait! can't wait!! see pics not enough! i wanna mor mor them asap!! haha like so pervert~ - That's what I posted in LD today.

Yes!~ My Majolica Majorca loot has arrived!!! My colleague came back to Singapore yesterday and just now after work I went to her place to collect my precious loot... didn't run home to take pics straight away though. We were so engrossed in talking after not seeing each other for a month, we chatted for 3 hours at her place before I finally came home for dinner. Muahahaha~

My dear colleague bought all the stuff on my MM wishlist, and she bought Meiji Amino Collagen for me as well!~ Owe her lotsa $$$ and owe her big big favour too, for helping me carry all the stuff back from Japan!!! Love ya Rachel! *huggies* You're such an angel!!! =D

Woooo~ what's in this baggy?

*peeps inside* Wooot!!!

Taadaa~~~ My beloved MM loot has finally came home to me~ *muacks*

For nails...

For face...

Individual eye shadows and casing...

3 eye palettes and a lipgloss...

Meiji Amino Collagen...

Individually packed!! =D

And a couple of freebies thrown in as well. (^_^)v

I made another order at TF for some piggies and souffles under the limited edition Rockstar collection which will be discontinued today. I made the decision pretty last minute late last night, so didn't jio anyone to join the order with me... gomen ne!